Our Founding Members

Extract from Speech of Mr Don Ho, Chairman & Director of IPAS (2006 – 2013) at the Official Launch of IPAS and Inaugural IPAS Conference on 2 November 2006:

“…We believe that the initials “I.P.A.S.” will guide and remind us constantly that Integrity, Professionalism, Ability and Skills are critical elements for practitioners to observe in the administration of insolvency and restructuring exercises.

IPAS has chosen the colours red/yellow and black in the design of its logo which will be launched today. I believe that the logo and the colours reflect a certain vibrant/modernistic and forward looking energy and attitude, which should augur well for the future of IPAS.

Someone did remark that the logo reflects through its simplicity a no-nonsense, straightforward and professional approach especially in the just equitable administration of insolvency and restructuring cases. Someone else also remarked (perhaps tongue in cheek) that the colours chosen does aptly describe the phases a financially troubled corporation or individual goes through. For instance, the colour red signifies the financial distress because the accounts are in the red. The colour yellow signifies the paleness that is felt all around while the company or individual tries to recover. Finally, black signifies the accounts coming into the black hopefully through professional and skillful administration and advice by our insolvency practitioners…”