9 Apr 2009 – INSOL 2009 Eighth World INSOL International Quadrennial Congress

On the 21st – 24th June 2009 INSOL International will be hosting its Eighth World Quadrennial Congress in Vancouver. We would be most grateful if you could assist with the awareness of this Quadrennial to all your members.

This can be done in a number of ways via web site, published journals, electronic journals or even mailings. I attach the link to INSOL 2009 where all the information with regards to the Congress can be accessed here.

In a previous email we inquired as to whether you would be willing to place a short editorial in your newsletters about this Congress. If this is a viable option please could you let us know the deadlines for the newsletters and any other specifications that we would have to adhere to so we could pass this editorial onto you.