21 January 2008 – Schemes of Arrangement

This is the 5th in our series of seminars conducted by IPAS for the insolvency professionals.

Conducted by highly qualified leaders in their respective fields, this series offers participants an insightful hands-on & practical approach by examining the various aspects of insolvency from various angles in the topics offered.

Seminar Outline:

  • A back to basics study of the law and procedure for Schemes of Arrangement
  • An overview of key case law developments in Singapore, UK and Australia in the last decade
  • Practical pointers on managing issues in implementing a Scheme of Arrangement with creditors and shareholders
  • Highlights of dangers and pitfalls in Schemes of Arrangement
  • Personal insights into the creditors’ and shareholders’ Scheme of Arrangement in the restructuring of China Aviation Oil
  • Looking forward – personal views on law reform relating to Schemes of

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