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IPAS aims to be the premier professional body for the insolvency profession in Singapore and has been formed with the following objectives:

  • Provision of a corporate identity and organization for insolvency practitioners.
  • Associate, Fellow and Student registration.
  • Support and advancement of the status and interest of insolvency practitioners.
  • Provision of recognised qualifications for persons engaged in the practice of insolvency.
  • Promotion of the technical competence of insolvency practitioners.
  • Provision of updates on developments in insolvency legislation and proposals and latest insolvency judgments by Singapore Courts and other jurisdictions.


An Associate or Fellow of the association may describe himself as an Associate of the IPAS or Fellow of IPAS and may use, after his name, the initials AIPAS or FIPAS as the case may be. The benefits and privileges of being an Associate or Fellow of IPAS include:

  • The right to use an insolvency professional designation.
  • Affiliation with an insolvency professional body.
  • IPAS is one of INSOL International’s Member Associations, and members of IPAS automatically receive the benefits of INSOL*
  • Access to journals, technical articles, insolvency practice notes and news from IPAS.
  • Opportunity to take part in the technical continuing professional development and other activities organised by IPAS and in conjunction with the Official Receiver and Official Assignee and other relevant organisations.
  • Priority booking and concessionary rates at seminars and conferences.
    Participation at dialogues with the Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) and the Official Receiver and Official Assignee on issues affecting practitioners.
  • Networking with insolvency practitioners and other Associates and Fellows.

Application Criteria & Process

The fees payable for admission are as follows:

Admission Fee Fellow/Associate
S$ 100.00
Annual Subscription Fellow
S$ 200.00
Annual Subscription Associate
S$ 150.00
Admission Fee Life Fellow
S$ 380.00
One-time Subscription Life Fellow
S$ 3,800.00

Associates shall be admitted as such if they have submitted satisfactory evidence of having obtained at least three years of approved practical experience. Fellows shall be admitted as such if they have submitted satisfactory evidence of having obtained at least seven years of approved practical experience. Life Fellows need to pay a one-time admission fee of $380 and a one-time subscription of $3,800 for life fellowship with the Company.

The cheque for the required fees should be crossed A/c Payee only and made payable to the “Insolvency Practitioners Association of Singapore Limited” to the following:

IPAS Secretariat
1003 Bukit Merah Central, #02-10 Inno Centre, Singapore 159836

Membership Application Form

* INSOL International is a global federation of national associations of restructuring and insolvency professionals, with a membership of over 10,000 individuals from 100 countries. In addition, INSOL works closely with ancillary groups including the judiciary, regulators, lenders and academics. INSOL International influences global restructuring and insolvency practice and policy, supported by a membership who share a global perspective. For more information please visit