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IPAS aims to be the premier professional body for the insolvency profession in Singapore and has been formed with the following objectives:

  • Provision of a corporate identity and organization for insolvency practitioners.
  • Associate, Fellow and Student registration.
  • Support and advancement of the status and interest of insolvency practitioners.
  • Provision of recognised qualifications for persons engaged in the practice of insolvency.
  • Promotion of the technical competence of insolvency practitioners.
  • Provision of updates on developments in insolvency legislation and proposals and latest insolvency judgments by Singapore Courts and other jurisdictions.

An Associate or Fellow of the association may describe himself as an Associate of the IPAS or Fellow of IPAS and may use, after his name, the initials AIPAS or FIPAS as the case may be. The benefits and privileges of being an Associate or Fellow of IPAS include:

  • The right to use an insolvency professional designation.
  • Affiliation with an insolvency professional body.
  • Access to journals, technical articles, insolvency practice notes and news from IPAS.
  • Opportunity to take part in the technical continuing professional development and other activities organised by IPAS and in conjunction with the Official Receiver and Official Assignee and other relevant organisations.
  • Priority booking and concessionary rates at seminars and conferences.
  • Participation at dialogues with the Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) and the Official Receiver and Official Assignee on issues affecting practitioners.
  • Networking with insolvency practitioners and other Associates and Fellows.
Application Criteria & Process

The fees payable for admission are as follows:

Admission Fee Fellow/Associate
S$ 100.00
Annual Subscription Fellow
S$ 200.00
Annual Subscription Associate
S$ 150.00
Admission Fee Life Fellow
S$ 380.00
One-time Subscription Life Fellow
S$ 3,800.00

Associates shall be admitted as such if they have submitted satisfactory evidence of having obtained at least three years of approved practical experience. Fellows shall be admitted as such if they have submitted satisfactory evidence of having obtained at least seven years of approved practical experience. Life Fellows need to pay a one-time admission fee of $380 and a one-time subscription of $3,800 for life fellowship with the Company.

The cheque for the required fees should be crossed A/c Payee only and made payable to the "Insolvency Practitioners Association of Singapore Limited" to the following:

IPAS Secretariat
c/o Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants
60 Cecil Street, ISCA House, Singapore 049709

Fellows of IPAS
Mr Aaron Loh Cheng Lee Mr Lee Eng Beng
Mr Abuthahir Abdul Gafoor Mr Lee Han Tiong
Mr Alvin Chia Yook Lin Ms Lee Sook Kee
Mr Andrew Chan Chee Yin Mr Lek Siang Pheng
Mr Andrew Grimmett Ms Lena Min-Min Lee
Mr Andrew Yeo Khirn Hin Mr Leow Quek Shiong
Mr Ang Eng Lim Mr Lim Loo Khoon Justin
Mr Ang Peng Koon Patrick Ms Lim Siew Soo
Mr Assan Masood Mr Lim Siong Sheng
Mr Aw Eng Hai Mr Loh Weng Fatt
Mr Balakrishnan Ashok Kumar Mr Loke Chiew Mun
Mr Balasubramaniam
s/o Palanisamy Kolandave
Mr Loong Tse Chuan
Mr Bob Low Siew Sie Mr Low Kah Keong
Mr Bob Yap Cheng Ghee Mr Luar Eng Hwa
Mr Cameron Lindsay Duncan Ms Lum Inn Han Elizabeth
Mr Chan Daniel Ms Michelle Low Yi Nie
Mr Chan Kheng Tek Mr Mok Wai Seng
Mr Chan Kia Pheng Mr Nazim Khan
Mr Chan Kum Onn Roger Mr Neo Ban Chuan
Mr Chan Yee Hong Mr Ng Chi Hou Terence
Mr Chee Yoh Chuang Ms Ng Hui Ping Sheila
Ms Chew Ee Ling Mr Ng Ka Luon Eddee
Mr Chew Whye Lee Mr Ng Wai King
Mr Chia Chiew Meng Robin Mr Nish Kumar Shetty
Mr Chia Soo Hien Mr Ong Boon Hwee William
Mr Chian Yeow Hang Mr P. Jeya Putra
Mr Chin Sin Beng Mr Peh Nam Chuan Adrian
Ms Chng Julie Mr Prakash Pillai
Mr Chong Yee Leong Mr R.S. Ramasamy
Mr Chou Sean Yu Ms Rajan Menon Smitha
Mr Choy Wei Hsien Mark Mr Ramasamy Subramaniam Iyer
Mr Chua Sui Tong Mr Sajjad Ahmad Akhtar
Mr Danny Ong Tun Wei Mr Sandrasegara Manoj Pillay
Mr David Chew Hock Lin District Judge Sarjit Singh
Mr David Wee Tian Chuan Mr Seah Chee Wei
Mr Don Ho Mun-Tuke Ms Seah Roh Lin
Mr Edward Tiong Yung Suh Mr Seah Zhen Wei, Paul
Ms Ee Meng Yen Angela Mr Seshadri Rajagopalan @ Murali
Ms Ellyn Tan Huixian Mr Sim Kwan Kiat
Mr Goh Ngiap Suan Mr Sushil Sukumaran Nair
Mr Goh Sher Wee Mr Tan Chuan Thye
Mr Goh Thien Phong Mr Tan Kok Chiong
Mr Goh Yeow Kiang Victor Ms Tan Mei Yen
Mr Gregory Vijayendran Ganesamoorthy Mr Tan Tiong Heng
Mr Helmi Bin Ali Bin Talib Ms Tan Yen Chiaw
Mr Henry Tan Song Kok Ms Tang Shimin Cheryl
Ms Hing Shan Shan Blossom Mr Tay Yew Jin Lionel
Ms Ho May Kee Mr Tham Wei Chern
Mr Hui Choon Yuen Mr Thio Khiaw Ping Kelvin
Mr Jamshid K Medora Ms Tiah Shyh Yen
Mr Joshua James Taylor Ms Toh Ai Ling
Ms Kam Sow Yieng Sharon Mr Tong Chun Fai Edwin
Mr Kenneth Lim Tao Chung Mr Wong Hoo Tung
Ms Koay May Yee Mr Wong Joo Wan
Mr Koh Junxiang Mr Wong Kok Weng
Mr Kon Yin Tong Mr Wong Pheng Cheong Martin
Ms Law Foong Lin Mr Yim Jeng Leong

Updated @ April 2019


Associates of IPAS
Ms Adele Iu Wei Yan Mr Lee Nyen Fatt
Mr Adrian James Mr Lim Hoon Tong
Mr Ajinderpal Singh Mr Lin Yueh Hung
Mr Akhil Bheda Mr Low He Ying Joseph
Mr Alton Murray Chun-Wen Poon Mr Mark Cheng Wai Yuen
Ms Ang Meng Suan, Janet Mr Masao Yamashika
Mr Ang Richmond Tan Mr Matthew Becker
Mr Aw Cheok Huat Mr Mayank Aggarwal
Mr Bradley Andrew Johnson Mr Melvin Tay Poh Huat
Ms Cassandra Goh Hui Ping (Wu Hui Ping) Mr Muhammad Imran Bin Abdul Rahim
Mr Chan Kwong Shing, Adrian Mr Neo Keng Jin
Ms Chan Li Shan Mr Ng Kian Kiat
Mr Chan Wei Meng (Chen Weiming) Ms Ng Yun Ying, Venice
Ms Chen Huilian Mr Nicholas Cheong Kong Yee
Mr Chng Zi Zhao Joel Mr Nil Saas-Monier
Ms Choo An Gie Mr Ong Pang Thye
Mr Chow Zhiquan Colin Ms Oon Su Sun
Mr Chua Beng Chye Mr Pang Chong Ren Alexander
Ms Colynne Ng Bao Xian Mr Peters Glenn Timothy
Ms Cynthia Andriana Mr Raymond Lam Kuo Wei
Mr Damien Seng Wei Pin Mr Sim Wee Lin
Ms Dang Looyean Ms Stephanie Yeo Xiu Wen
Mr Daniel Tan Shi Min Mr Tan Ho Kiat
Mr Eugene Jedidiah Low Yeow Chin Mr Tan Pang Leong Nicholas
Mr Foo Xian Yao Lawrence Mr Tay Joo Tat
Mr Goh Wee Teck Mr Tay Kang-Rui Darius
Ms Han Shu Hui Mr Tay Puay Cheng
Mr Jamie Xavier Pang Er Fong Mr Terrence Chin Khee Loon
Mr Janamanchi Balasubramaniam Mr Tit Wei Lee
Mr Janek Benjamin Biegel Mr Tnee Zixian Keith (Zheng Zixian)
Mr Jason Kardachi Ms Wang I Ting
Ms Jo Tay Yu Xi Mr Wong Jing Hao Nicholas
Ms Joreen Sea Hong Peng Mr Xerxes Jamshid Medora
Mr Juan Claudio Laya Sandoval Ms Xie Xinni
Mr Juay Sze Sin Mr Yeo Boon Chye
Mr Kang WeiSheng Geraint Edward Ms Yeo Min Jia Eunice
Ms Kate Kwang Hui Xin Mr Yin Kum Choy
Mr Kuan Cheng Tuck

Updated @ April 2019